Why doesn’t my debit card work?

Your instant cash and check card could be denied due to the fact that each card has a daily dollar limit for both cash transactions and purchases, and you have exceeded your daily dollar amounts. The deposits made for the day are not immediately updated for the debit card. The deposit will be made available for use the first business day after.

What is my current balance in my checking account?

We can quote you an available balance from the system, however, it is NOT your current balance unless all of your outstanding checks have cleared your account. There is no way for us to know which checks you have outstanding to quote you an actual current balance. Check your account daily via online banking.

How can I transfer funds to my children’s accounts via the online transaction service?

If you are joint on any other account, you may request to have us set up a relationship account, giving you access for deposits and withdrawals. Call Vue CCU to request the relationship account be set up.

What is the Routing Number?

Vue Community Credit Union's Routing Number is: 291378198