Bill Pay

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Save time and money with Bill Pay 

Enrolling in Bill Pay

You must be a current online banking customer to enroll in bill pay. If you are not, click to enroll in online banking. 

Once you are able to log in to online banking, select the "Bill Pay" button and this will take you through the enrollment process. 

Bill pay is free for your first 6 months! After your 6 month trial period, a monthly service fee of $4.95 will be charged to your checking account. 

*Bill pay is only available to members with checking accounts.


After Enrolling

Log in to Online Banking and Bill Pay. Now you are ready to use your Online Bill Pay.


Help Button

Once you log on to Online Banking and click in to Bill Pay, look for the 'Help' icon for information regarding the many feature available and how to use them. The 'Help' button will give detailed information about the feature or service you are using. The Online Help facility is context-sensitive and will provide detailed information about the feature currently displayed on your screen.